Who We Are

The Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation is a 100% volunteer 501(c)3 charitable organization based of concerned families and friends who genuinely care about improving the lives of autistic individuals. This organization was founded in memory of FDNY Battalion Chief, Haz Mat Operations, Jack Fanning, who perished in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001. Jack understood, first hand, the desperate need for research and educational requirements for families dealing with autism because he left behind two severely autistic sons, Sean and Patrick.

Two weeks before the attacks on our country, Jack thoughtfully discussed his desire to open a residential group home for children with autism to his wife, Maureen. In the weeks after, it became apparent that his final wish would become this group’s passion. We are firmly committed to providing the autistic population with additional resources that help to advance them in becoming productive citizens. Establishing a group home in Jack’s memory was our primary goal, but the mission continues.  Until a known cause and cure are fully understood, there are multiple opportunities for this Foundation to make an immediate difference in the lives of those afflicted with autism.

Early detection and prompt treatment can enable children across the entire autism spectrum to assume meaningful and productive lives. The Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation is committed to aiding the autistic community with the appropriate research and educational opportunities needed to advance their lives. Please help us in pursuit of Jack’s dream.

Fulfilling The Dream

It is the intent of this organization to fulfill Jack’s final wish. Those who knew Jack remember a patient, humble – yet heroic man, who had a genuine love for people and mankind.  He often said that he was the one who learned more from his 2 autistic children, than they learned from him…  Jack was proud of the small accomplishments that the boys made and they relished in his love.  The qualities that he possessed have been the cornerstone upon which his dream has been built.  Just like his quiet manner, the Foundation has quietly persevered and we’ve made great contributions to those who are less fortunate.  We will continue this legacy for years to come with your help.

Our Mission Statement

The Jack Fanning Memorial Foundation, “Angels for Autism,” offers hope to families with autistic children.  We strive to assist those affect in achieving their individual potential for a happy, healthy, productive life and to preserve their quality of life by providing research, group home development, respite, educational, vocational and recreational opportunities for the advancement of autistic individuals.

Meet our Board Members

Dan Cunning

Lisa Hart

Tony Mussorfiti


 Brian Herbst